Leila is a dynamic, eclectic, and multilingual pop singer-songwriter who integrates her classical piano training with her Lebanese background to create thoughtful instrumentation, engaging melodies, and heartfelt harmony. She strives to translate her artistry into an accessible platform for emotional and cultural empowerment.  

As a graduate of USC's Communication, Songwriting, and Music Industry programs, and a recipient of The Royal Conservatory's ARCT Diploma in Piano Performance, Leila continues to polish her craft full-time. Her lyric-driven work relies on intimate storytelling and sensory writing, woven together though intricate piano and guitar stylings, dynamic vocals, and a powerful yet honest delivery. 

In the summer of 2012, Leila won the Once Upon Another Time Cover Contest; this earned her a Skype conversation with Grammy-nominated artist Sara Bareilles, who pushed her to pursue her passion as a career. In September of 2014, she was invited to write the music for “Boys’ Toys,” a documentary exploring the representation of women in video games, and in October she was featured as StarCentral Magazine’s “Female Artist of the Month.” In March of 2015, her girl-power pop tune “Invincible” was chosen as the theme song for the second annual Worldwide Endo March, a global event raising awareness about endometriosis and its severity as an epidemic that affects millions of women and girls.  

Leila identifies herself as a Lebanese-American artist, drawing from the musical and poetic traditions of her roots and integrating Arabic, French, and Spanish into her diverse performances. Her debut album, "Promises,” has officially been released, and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby, and many other digital platforms. 

Undeniably, Leila is a true-blooded artist and her spellbinding talent is something that the world should watch out for.
— StarCentral Magazine
Leila Milki is on fire. She is writing, playing, and performing in the most beautifully connected way. It is so rare to come across young talent that has really done the work. I look forward to following her artistry and enjoying her music for years to come.
— Sean Holt, Producer, Performer, Asst. Professor (USC Thornton School of Music)
Leila is a brilliant, creative, innovative singer-songwriter, pianist, and a world class, classy performer of the 21st century and digital age.
— Fred D. Parrott, MD, PhD. Founder & Director of the "Real Men Cook Foundation"