Leila is a dynamic, eclectic, and multilingual pop singer-songwriter who integrates her classical piano training with her Middle Eastern background to create thoughtful instrumentation, engaging melodies, and heartfelt harmony. She recently graduated from the University of Southern California as a Renaissance Scholar in Communication, Songwriting, and Music Industry.  

In the summer of 2012, Leila won the Once Upon Another Time Cover Contest; this earned her a Skype conversation with Grammy-nominated artist Sara Bareilles, who pushed her to pursue her passion as a lifelong craft. In September of 2014, she was invited to write the music for “Boys’ Toys,” a documentary exploring the representation of women in video games, and in October she was featured as StarCentral Magazine’s “Female Artist of the Month.” In March of 2015, her girl-power pop tune “Invincible” was chosen as the theme song for the second annual Worldwide Endo March, a global event raising awareness about endometriosis and its severity as an epidemic that affects millions of women and girls.  

Beyond developing her own writing, Leila loves enriching her musicianship by immersing herself in the works of others. Her diverse repertoire spans several hundreds of songs, ranging from pop, folk, soul, and rock music, to jazz standards, film/television soundtracks, and classics in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish. Her perfect pitch allows her to easily learn tunes for any occasion and setting, including weddings, proposals, corporate functions, private parties, restaurants, and hotel/resort lounges (where she enjoys taking requests from guests on the spot). She is also making a name for herself in the Lebanese-American community, sharing her cultural pride through her performances at festivals, conventions, charity dinners, regional gatherings, red carpet events, and more. 

Leila is currently recording her debut original album in Los Angeles, as she strives to translate her artistic expression into an accessible platform for emotional and social empowerment.


Leila began taking classical piano lessons at the age of 4. She pursued her studies under the practical and theoretical curriculum of the Royal Conservatory of Music, receiving her ARCT Diploma in Piano Performance in December of 2011 (the equivalent of a college degree). From an early age, she also relied on her musical ear to pick up melodies she'd hear on the radio or in television scores, improvising complete piano arrangements upon a single listen. She has since combined her formal training with her love for popular styles to weave together an original blend of technique, authenticity, and accessibility in her playing. 

Today, Leila regularly incorporates her skills as a pianist into her professional life. She works as the piano cover artist for Wurrly, a mobile karaoke app, arranging and engineering piano renditions in all genres to provide a customized experience for users (click *here* to view footage of Aaron Carter tracking vocals over one of her piano recordings).  She is also the keyboardist for multiple Los Angeles artists, and she is available for live shows, studio recordings, video shoots, and tours (click *here* to listen to her piano playing, featured on singer-songwriter Katie Stump's "Minnesota"). 

For more piano samples, press "play" on the tracks below: 


Undeniably, Leila is a true-blooded artist and her spellbinding talent is something that the world should watch out for.
— StarCentral Magazine
Leila Milki is on fire. She is writing, playing, and performing in the most beautifully connected way. It is so rare to come across young talent that has really done the work. I look forward to following her artistry and enjoying her music for years to come.
— Sean Holt, Producer, Performer, Asst. Professor (USC Thornton School of Music)
The dedication and persistence Leila used to achieve the ARCT diploma with the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) was exemplary. The lessons learned on the road are indeed, difficult and demand perseverance. They definitely helped her build a personal standard for music and as such, have enhanced her efforts in practice, writing, performance, and will continue to do so into the future.
— Diane Smith, Classical Piano Teacher (RCM)
Leila was a hit at our surprise engagement party! Her talents were astounding and the repertoire of music exactly fit what we needed. She was extremely friendly to work with and even took requests from our guests! We really appreciated her flexibility and professionalism during this happy yet stressful time. She was extremely punctual and flexible enough to stay as long as we needed her. We are thankful to her for making our engagement memorable, and we hope to have her play at our wedding in the future!
— John Nguyen, Bel Air Proposal
Leila was an absolute pleasure to work with! Her professionalism and talent exceeded our expectations. We contacted her only a few weeks before our wedding and she was able to accommodate our special requests and was even so patient when we made changes to the songs. I would use her again without a doubt; she is very talented and her performances seem effortless! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her.
— Annie & Seth, Simi Valley Wedding