Leila Milki (...) a ce talent incroyable qui fait que l’on ne peut rien lui refuser. Une voix à faire tomber par terre, une sensibilité unique dans l’interprétation, et une douceur incomparable.
— Music For Your Heart

Leila Milki is a Lebanese-American singer, songwriter, and classical-pop pianist living in Los Angeles. She strives to translate her dynamic, eclectic, and multilingual artistry into an accessible platform for emotional and cultural empowerment. As an emerging original artist with Arab roots, she blends rich cultural traditions with contemporary pop-alternative stylings, and integrates English, Arabic, French, and Spanish into her performances. Her self-written debut album, “Promises,” is available worldwide.

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Leila Milki (...) embraces the image of a powerful female middle-eastern performer who sings, writes, plays, and produces her work. To her, each of these elements is intricately intertwined, and she hopes to encourage others to harness their unique experiences through their own forms of cathartic expression.
— Arab America