Leila Milki's music is available on iTunes, Spotify, AnghamiCD BabyAmazon, and many other digital platforms. Her influences span multiple eras and disciplines, molding a multilayered, nuanced style that merges the traditional with the contemporary.


"...I am inspired by Middle-Eastern icon Fairuz and her timeless melodic poetry, French chanteuse Edith Piaf and her captivating drama, Canadian songwriter Joni Mitchell and her prodigious storytelling. I draw from the romantic piano musings of Chopin, the dynamic rhythmic explorations of tap dancer Savion Glover, and the eloquent wisdom of Lebanese prophet Khalil Gibran. I am invigorated by the bright, dynamic spirit of Stevie Wonder, the seamless abandon of Carole King, and the spiritual, cathartic arrangements of Jeff Buckley. Today, I turn to the honest and visceral writing of Sara Bareilles, the enchanting vocal deliveries of Joy Williams, the lyrical genius of Death Cab for Cutie…and I am continuously moved by my peers, who nurture their craft with the most genuine, humble, and generous hearts."


Original, emotional, brilliant... these words barely describe the artistry of Leila Milki’s debut album, Promises. Leila Milki (...) tells incredibly poetic stories through her wide range of talents, sensory writing, and diverse music, (...) a blend of cultural backgrounds that perfectly accent her masterful piano playing, her profound lyrics, and her awing voice. (...) It will have you floating away into Milki’s world where words and music come together as one; you’ll never want to leave.
— Gabrielle Begun (Writer, Filmmaker, Actor)


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